Welp, I finally caved. I guess. I think. Anyway...

I'm Memai, I popped up on here a couple of ftimes and on a couple other wikis as well (but used 'Memai' on this particular one heehee). So yeah, I play Bully, like everyone else here XD

I run a Bully RP board with some friends of mine. I also help out some of the Bully clubs on DA with contests and prizes (so if you want art from me you could always join those things). Speaking of art, I draw a lot. Not a lot of Bully, which is a shame, I plan to remedy that one day.


I mostly write and draw for more original settings, because I'm a canon whore and like to keep my OCs to RPs and what not. Nothing against anyone, just the way I like to roll is all. Speaking of original settings, I write and draw the webcomic, Anfange .

Personal stuff? You don't need to know much about me, I don't think I'll be here as often. I'm working, so I prolly won't have time for a lot of fun stuff. I lurk a lot around deviantart though, you could always catch me there if you really wanted too, but I live on the otherside of the world for most people so that could be a bit of a problem :'D

Nice to meet you all! Heehee ♥

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