am i doin it rite?

So since we've all been getting random blog posts about video games as of late; here's my questions to the wiki: What are your all time favorite video games and why? Any new ones you've enjoyed playing recently?

For yours truly, my all-time favorite game is a little vintage in nature, but it's Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I know, I know. But back when I only had a wee little PSX to chillax during the weekends, it was the pinnacle, oh my gosh. The controls, the graphics (well, at the time), the voices, the gameplay. I got an emulator and a PC-friendly controller, so now I can pop it in whenever I feel a little nostalgic (and for whenever I need a good challenge).

Some newer games I've enjoyed are Fallout 3 and New Vegas (I've played the older ones but I need to finish 'em, damned water chip >:((), Bioshock, Mass Effect and most recently, the Dragon Age series :p

I'm kind of an RPG nerd, and I love story-heavy games and ones that have a deep and rich world to explore. It's fun walking through Kirkwall in DA and listening to the local rumors (and finding out some of them are true!), or picking up some random junk on your adventures in Fallout and turns out it's a fun little quest marker ♥ And my Shepard may or may not have passed out from too many drinks on Omega in Mass Effect :P

Have at it, men!

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