Hey guys!

This wiki is pretty much chock full of OCs, right? Since we're talking about being generally more active (on this site and others), I was wondering if you guys would be interested in turning your OCs in at my infamous Bully RP Forums ? Otherwise known as (the) BRPF <3

We're always looking for new members ♥ I know it looks quite dead at the moment, but most of the members are of the older set and currently away working or busy with college/school, but we're always in touch with one another.

We like to boast the fact that we have a cast of well-rounded, well developed characters, including an original AU subplot to make the RPs more interesting. We also give constructive crits to new characters so the cast remains balanced, and just to generally make characters all-round more awesome ♥

What'dya say, guys?

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