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Discuss the death of Osama Bin Laden here, also discuss other things to do with the Middle East. If anyone gets into debates in this topic, please be civil.


From Dan the Man 1983

  • Osama Bin Laden has been killed. Good riddance. Insha'Allah(God willing) Bin Laden is now in Jahannam(Hell).
  • (In respone to Hua's first comment) Terror alert is high now all over. In my opinion, another terrorist attack is inevitable. Killing him never really accomplished anything, they just killed the most wanted man in the world, thats it. It won't stop Al Qaeda, it won't stop terrorism, and it won't stop Islam extremism. If anything, it is like lighting a match in a room full of gas.

From Hua Xiong

  • (In response to Dan's first comment) Good riddance indeed. But what has this accomplished in the long run? Nothing. So I'm indifferent to this news either way.
  • (In response to Dan's second comment) Exactly, the killing of Bin Laden is just the ignition of a powder keg, and bigger things are coming soon. I'm just so glad protests are sweeping the Arab world. We need to wake up and see to an Islamic awakening and englightenment. We should pray for the people in Libya, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen. They have it really bad.

From SirLinkalot96

  • Yeah, I think a terrorist attack on the US is probable as much as anywhere else in the world. Al Qaeda is just scattering about now, because they have no mastermind to lead them. They'll be back. I'm just glad because that monster who made the 9/11 attacks possible is dead and rotting in his reserved spot in Hell.

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