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  • MichaelDiaz101

    Reason for my absence

    September 18, 2017 by MichaelDiaz101

    So, I'm sure many are wondering why it is that I have been absent... well, Saturday of last week my sister made an attempt on her life... thankfully she survived the ordeal. For this past week I've felt I was to blame as my sister and I stopped speaking back in May and have been on uneven terms up until the events of her suicide attempt.

    I feel absolutely heartbroken and, as I stated previously, completely to blame. My father took his own life back in 2012 and to have another person I love try to take their own life has left me completely devastated.

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  • MichaelDiaz101

    Love Not to Be

    August 23, 2017 by MichaelDiaz101

    His eyes opened, hers remained wired shut. Ryan made no movements, so as to not stir her from her slumber. For the time he looked her over. She wasn't the most physically enamoring sight, at least to others at Bullworth, but there was something he felt with her that he hadn't quite felt before. 

    She was smart, patient, observant. The day they met there was certainly tension between them. They were of rivaling cliques and were sworn enemies. To her he was just some dumb football player, only interested in a girl with a nice rack, and a fit build. To him the moles on her cheek, and the way her crooked teeth added to the lack of physical attraction. 

    When they were paired together in class there was certain protests from both sides. Both refuse…

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  • MichaelDiaz101


    August 3, 2017 by MichaelDiaz101

    Authors' Note: I'm keeping this really short. Trying to regain my footing when it comes to this kind of stuff. If it feels rushed, or insufficient that's because it is. I haven't written in quite a time when it comes to Fanfiction of any kind. 

    Detention, again. To Michael it was honestly the worst place he could be. Confined to one sweaty room, among other screwballs, and dorks who looked around and also wondered how they ended up stuck here. He moved, and fidgeted in his desk, the chair creaking beneath his weight. He couldn't sit still for very long and this sense of entrapment was beginning to play tricks on his mind. 

    "Sit still!" Mrs. Peabody snapped, pointing an old, wooden ruler his direction. 

    "Yes, ma'am." Michael replied, wryly. An…

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  • MichaelDiaz101

    A New Start

    July 16, 2017 by MichaelDiaz101

    So I've already informed Soda about this but with everything that has transpired I have decided to create a whole new start here in regards to characters. I'm going about and slowly getting rid of characters. There are but six characters I'm keeping: Michael Jones, Nicole Borrego, Bradi McGuire, Ryan Irvin, Erick Boucher, and Gregory Todd. Every other character will be subject to subsequent termination. You can delete any character/clique I've previously created, or not. Either or works, but this is a new start to a new era of work I'll be starting soon. 

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  • MichaelDiaz101

    The days flew by as Michael was stuck in his antisocial rut. The weather was beginning to get warmer, the days got longer but none of it really meant anything. When Michael wasn't in class, or training, he'd come back to his dorm room to drink and think on about the good old days when the guys would come over and they'd do something wicked, and fun. C-Money would nag Michael and Greg would recommend doing something completely crazy. He missed those days. 

    Now it felt like he was the last of his group. Their standing friendships have disintigrated as they all assimilated to other menial tasks. Greg and C-Money were at college, as was Nicole, Bradi and Jimmy were the midst of love, and then there was Edgar. He was the only one Michael ever re…

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