So I went out and bought Dead Island. Created by Techland, the same people who made Call of Jurez. I assure you it's not that same bullshit that Jurez is. This game is a potential GOTY. I've played this game ever since eight this morning which is West Coast time, it may sound like I don't have a life but it's raining out here in Seatle and there's nothing really to do at the moment.

In the game you choose four characters. If you want to know who they are then look up Dead Island wiki. Point is there's a washed up rapper who is good at fighting with any weapon you find lying around. He's the well rounded and better character. His throwing skills are not very good, and his gun skills are okay but what he really excels in is Blunt weapons. He can use any weapon good not great but good with the exception of blunt weapons where he excels.

Then there's a Chinese agent lady who's good with Katana's and other Mixed Martial Arts weaponry.

There's a washed up Australian cop who is a real badass she chooses guns. I chose The rapper as I want to be a well rounded fighter. The choice in character is yours. You can also choose a Football Player who (for obvious reasons) is good at throwing weaponry.

I haven't completed the game yet but I assure you this game is worth that price tag. Whether you buy it, or add it to your Christmas list, etc etc this game is amazing. It's like Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, and Oblivion had a threesome, then a baby. That's the most immature way I can put it. Haha

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