Hello everyone it's been a century since I've done this and the wiki has been deserted so I thought I'd come ahead and ask this question to try and get the activity up again. This question is Bully related and might as well be related to other Rockstar Games characters. What do you think the weight/Height is on some of the characters? I always try to determine it based on the height and body type of the character(s).

Jimmy- 5'6 probably around 150 lbs

Gary- 5'10, 170 lbs

Pete- 5'3 110 lbs

Johnny- 6'1 175 lbs

Derby- 6'2 185 lbs

Ted- 6'2 235 lbs

Damon- 6'3 244 lbs

Russell- 6'4 240 lbs

Bif- 6'3 220 lbs

Norton- 6'2 220 lbs

Edgar- 6'1 190 lbs

Zoe- 5'9 120 lbs

John Marston- 6'1 225 lbs

Jack Marston (Adult)- 5'11 180 lbs

Marshall Johnson- 6'4 250 lbs

Seth- 5'7 98 lbs

Bill Williamson- 6'5 256 lbs

Bonnie McFarlane- 5'7 130 lbs

Niko Bellic- 5'11 200 lbs

Johnny Klebitz- 6'1 230 lbs

Luis- 5'9 178 lbs

Roman Bellic- 5'10 236 lbs

Claude Speed- 6'4 190 lbs (Claude was fucking huge!)

I'll insert some more later. Now your opinion. Insert any Rockstar characters I might of missed too. :)

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