So today I have gotten a promotion on my job. I now work from 4 AM to Noon Monday through Wednesday. Kind of cool so now I don't have to drink 80 cups of coffee or have two five hour energies to keep me awake. Coffee and those five hour energies make training harder and they sorta ruined my conditioning. Now I can train without those keeping me awake which means my cardio should be getting better and not worse. Now I can be online later in the evenings. Also my next fight is August 18th in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm excited, I'm no longer fighting for Washington fights league (WFL) now I fight all across America. If I win I get 3,000 dollars and if I get a bonus (best KO, or best Submission) that could be an extra 10,000.

Also my girlfriend has started playing Skyrim and it is the coolest thing. She is dominating!

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