Hello everybody it's Michael and I just want to see what's up. My fight is coming up this weekend and I am at Las Vegas Nevada. Spending the week at the Red Rocks Casino Resort. I'm telling ya, it's been a crazy week. The vegas people love a good fight and I'll give them one. This time I'm fighting at 205 pounds, my weight cut is going smooth I'm at a solid 220 pounds. Plus after the weigh ins I'll start to rehydrate and get some muscle and weight back. When I started losing weight I was at a solid 236 pounds and since I'm 6'2 I fit into my frame pretty well. My opponent is 6'4. Really a big guy, the funny thing is is that our rooms are right apart from each other. He's a really good guy and it's just a sport we don't hate each other. I can't wait for this saturday. What's up with you guys?

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