So I recently downloaded the popular indie game Slender. I was very aware of the reputation the game had achieved in a short amount of time. It was famous for scaring the living shit out of people. So right off the bat there's really no story. You collect 8 pages in a pitch black, dark forest. Fun right!?

First Strategy

So my first attempt was to rush all the way through and not die. I reached the fence at the other end of the map. Then died. NO NOTES COLLECTED

Second Strategy

So for the second try I thought. "Maybe I should do what the game says." So I would investigate the buildings/trees. I got two notes then died.

Third Strategy

Almost the same as the second accept no bathroom breaks this time, as well as move fast as shit. I ran around the edges of the map though after I started hearing weird noises (so my plan went out the window). Then when there was a loud "thump" I accidentally hit the flashlight button off on my keyboard, and I had no clue which one was which so I was staggering around in the dark. I eventually died but I got 4 notes! I did great!!!

Fourth Strategy

So this time I went to a building and trapped myself into a room. While I lasted longer then I thought I would my curiousity got the best of me as I finally left the room and got wacked. 3 notes collected.

Final Strategy

I took notes from the Second strategy accept move a little faster. On the sixth note I started hearing noises so I ran around yelling "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD! FUCKKKK!!!!" Then Nicole slammed the door and I almost jumped through the roof. I turned to scream "DONT DO THAT!" As I did Slenderman got me.

Final Review

The game had minutes of boredom while moving around combined with seconds of sheer terror trying to get away from that skinny bastard. The music and sound effects were really good too, it literally put me on the edge of my seat.


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