• Mr.Luntz

    Exciting New Project -

    December 27, 2010 by Mr.Luntz

    Hey everyone!

    I have just come up with an idea but will need some help getting it up and running. If you are interested in helping then please leave a message on my talk page :)



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  • Mr.Luntz

    To be fair, I wasn't to pleased that Father was planning on moving yet again. For we had only just settled into our home in Cornwall, England. I had only just made good friends at Polwhele House and it wasn't going to be easy having to start over again. But, yes, father had his way and within the space of a month we were ready to move to Bullworth Town in New England. Now, I hadnt heard much about Bullworth so I didn't really know what to expect. I was more worried about settling in, I couldn't bear to be unpopular and unknown. Again I would have to work my way up the social heirachy just like I did when we first moved to London, Shanghai, and Cornwall.

    We arrived at Portsmouth International Airport in New England on a Saturday. The flight …

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  • Mr.Luntz

    Alfred's Diary

    Another day in this dark space that is my home. We're still in the town of Bullworth, New England, amusing the students that fill our carnival at night times. It's not often that I leave the carriage that we are in and it has been so long since I have made contact with other people. But who would talk to me? I am a freak.

    I long to see the beautiful Paris, who is in the next room up, for she is like me, a freak. I remember seeing her not so long ago, I was afraid to speak to her. Of course people would laugh at us, but who isn't laughing at us now? She is beautiful. However, I think she is already in love, with either Lightning or Zeke. Oh how I hope she isn't.

    If only things had been different in the past, I could still see my…

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