Alfred's Diary

20th December 2010

Another day in this dark space that is my home. We're still in the town of Bullworth, New England, amusing the students that fill our carnival at night times. It's not often that I leave the carriage that we are in and it has been so long since I have made contact with other people. But who would talk to me? I am a freak.

I long to see the beautiful Paris, who is in the next room up, for she is like me, a freak. I remember seeing her not so long ago, I was afraid to speak to her. Of course people would laugh at us, but who isn't laughing at us now? She is beautiful. However, I think she is already in love, with either Lightning or Zeke. Oh how I hope she isn't.

If only things had been different in the past, I could still see my son, Stewart, but my ex-wife would not allow this now. For I was stupid! I left them, and for what? For this? How very stupid I was! How can I be a role model for my son now? I am freak. He could never look up to me now, I weigh a mere 65 pounds. I can imagine he now weighs almost double my weight. But I can not forget him, especially seeing all these kids peering in at me in my 'cage' and laughing at me. I can imagine my son would do the same.

Well, I better get ready for what tomorrow brings. Hopefully an encounter with the beautiful Paris. Or maybe an escape from this nightmare.

Just a little diary I made for Alfred (The Skeleton Man) It hasn't been done for the freaks yet so I thought I would give it a go. Please feel free to comment and give feedback. Mr.Luntz 20:50, December 23, 2010 (UTC)

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