Arriving in Bullworth Town

To be fair, I wasn't to pleased that Father was planning on moving yet again. For we had only just settled into our home in Cornwall, England. I had only just made good friends at Polwhele House and it wasn't going to be easy having to start over again. But, yes, father had his way and within the space of a month we were ready to move to Bullworth Town in New England. Now, I hadnt heard much about Bullworth so I didn't really know what to expect. I was more worried about settling in, I couldn't bear to be unpopular and unknown. Again I would have to work my way up the social heirachy just like I did when we first moved to London, Shanghai, and Cornwall.

Lee Roy Nottle

We arrived at Portsmouth International Airport in New England on a Saturday. The flight was long, and I had serious jet lag from the flight. I just wanted to move in to our new house. We were at the Airport for two hours due the taxi services being down. The drive to Bullworth was very quiet, making thirty minutes seem like four hours. My parents and I were all too tired and worn out to indulge in conversation.

The taxi finally pulled up outside our new house in Old Bullworth Vale. At this point, I couldn't wait to settle in. The house was a little bit bigger than our last and was in a nice location and within walking distance from the town and school. On the Sunday I decided to venture into town and surrounding areas. During my visit to the town I spoke to a horrible man named Mr. Smith about the town and his business (or his empire as he calls it) I then decided to visit Billy Cranes Travelling Carnival, this was an exciting prospect for me as back in England I never had the chance to visit anything like this. The carnival was unclean but very fun. I did try to avoid the carnival folk however. Still tired from the long flight, I decided to head back and settle in to the new house as well as prepare for my first day at Bullworth Academy.

Mr.Luntz 22:35, December 23, 2010 (UTC)

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