((Alright, I've decided to post a snippet from my Character's background part of the story. Special Contributes to Memai and Zak. You've actually inspired me by getting angry, and it helped me write out the story! And Zak...We should be friends...There are some things between us... :) I really do thank you all, this is one step to terminate the Depression and thoughts of suicide. Alright...I'm kinda nervous because I was warned by the Voices that I'm going to fail this test. Here me out, I know it's hard to impress you guys...And Memai, I didn't mean anything towards you, it was a random “snap” for me. And I'm sorry to Zak.))

Summary: This is the first week that Mikhaila attends Bullworth.

“Good god...Where do I begin? I just can't write...It's just too saddening to be here. I hate those American bastards! No, I'm not sad. More like pissed! How can I take this shit? I might as well have my ass handed to Kirill than by those huligans.” I squeezed the pencil in my hand so tightly that it broke in half. Then I got up rigidly, falling on my knees and screamed like a demon from the depths hell. It just wasn't fair that I was taken away from my home. My love and passion, Russia. Now I'm permanently staying here on this littered, cow-shit covered continent that promises “freedom”. It doesn't make sense. Why couldn't I just be sent off to Romania like Tetuska Yekaterina threatened me? Well, come to think of it, Romania is worse. Especially when you're about to be sent off to a fancy all-girl boarding school, in a country that is known for Count Dracula and his vampire army. It gives me an eerie feeling just to think about it. I mean, who wants to have their neck bitten and drained of all your blood in the dark of the night? I am not looking forward to that.Oh...enough of my racing thoughts! I just can't seem to write in my new diary at the moment. Give me a break, I survived my first week here at this American school dump, and damn was it tiring. I can tell you how it all began, but I'm just too tired to continue, and I'm fed up with this one American bastard with a weird but familiar accent. Dasvidania for now.

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