Last time on my laptop it wouldn't let me post anything, and was really pissing me off. -_-"

Which is why I'm doing it on my own personal school laptop provided by...THE SCHOOL!

Anywho, just checking on my ol' pals from a loooooooooong time ago when everything was cool with SodaCat ^3^

For me, I actually came back into reality, which was for the first time. For once in my life I was living and breathing.

It was after the fact that the pills started to kick in for my Major Depressive Disorder (The worst depression to ever possibly have) I now cannot live without my meds like Gary, the psychotic bastard <_<

I'm actually focused on religion in my life right now, and wanted to be Mormon, but unfortunately, my mom detests all Mormons and the religion. It's sad really, because I wanted to join my Dad's side of the family, but now I can't do it since she's "anti" all about it. I can only be Christian and nothing else, she hates all other religions.

Also, I've been obsessed with this boy at school who is Mormon, and he's one of the tallest football players at school! I was amazed at his looks! He's 6ft 3in and has a bit of his hair spiked in the front. He also has these gorgeous blue eyes! (sorry if I'm going into detail here! XD)

Oh, and I got back into Rave culture again. My username actually came from a song from Nightcore, which I hated, but it makes sense accept for the "pretty" part. I'm back into Hardstyle and trance.

I am even considering cosplaying as Russia from Hetalia, and got into another Anime show called "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt". It's really funny. I like Stocking the most, and I think I'm going as her as well.

Sooooo, how is everything?

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