This is not fanfiction, I just need to rant about something.

Ok, so me like a idiot decides to skip supper, because I thought I had some snacks in my room. I don't! So, I decided to go downstairs, to make some cereal, as a late night snack. I carry the bowl up to my room - which I had trouble with! Then, I start eating it, and it tastes GROSS! So, I have to go all the way downstairs, to throw it away. I find, that the milk was off. >:O!!

So, I make a fresh bowl, and come back upstairs. Then, I get shouted at, for stumbling around the kitchen, at this time of the night! (WELL, EXCUSE ME FOR BEING HUNGRY, MUM!!! D:<)

Feel free to add your rantings to the comments, talk about it, get over it. Venting is good sometimes. (NO RANTING ABOUT OR INSULTING OTHER USERS!!)

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