I know I've already written a blog, saying that I was going to write some alternate stories, but this one is different.

So, since I've been writing Cody in some other stories, and roleplaying her in some RPGs with friends, and on a forum I go on, I've decided to write a Cody story, involving her meeting with Gary and her expulsion, but go a completely different way with it. Because, me and my friend was talking about her, and they liked one back story option I made. Where, she always behaved the way she does, and was always getting in trouble. No heartbreak caused it. I'm still going to keep the original stories as they are, but just not add to it anymore.

These changes are:

  1. Cody doesn't get expelled one year before Jimmy comes to Bullworth, she gets expelled during.
  2. She was never friends with the Preps when she was younger.
  3. She never dated Edgar - since she wasn't expelled, she wouldn't have met him.
  4. She never dated Derby, though she did and still does have a crush on him. But, treats him like dirt, because she doesn't want him to know, or neither does she want to admit it.
  5. She never met Anita, and Anita isn't her best friend.
  6. She does know of Gary, and briefly spoke to him when needed to, but never spoke to him a lot, or got to know him or hung out with him, until all that begins in my story.

The rest will pretty much stay the same, but different series of events.

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