Ok, so I've been either writing a story about a new character, or just plain replacing Scarlet with this OC. I don't know, if I will replace, or even write a whole story about her.

So, this is the character.



Name: Rebecca Dorian (Prefers to be called Becky)

Age: 17 (During the events of Bully, so she will be in the same year as the clique leaders, as I write them.)

Clique: None, but might end up joining one. If she replaces Scarlet, the jocks. If she doesn't, then I'll pick one when I can think of one.. XP

Personality: She's just the average pretty girl student, with no special tallents. It bores her when guys hit on her, because she knows exactly what they want. (If she replaces Scarlet, will be super shallow, and be all niave like Scarlet.)

I've also started writing a little bit of her story, and will add that, if anyone wants to see a little bit of her story before they decide.

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