"A love that has to come to an end..."

Scarlet is known for five things: One, being the Jock Princess. Two, being the shortest cheerleader. Three, being British. Four, being Xanthe's younger sister. Five, being Ted Thompson's girlfriend.

But, her journey from being "that French chick named Sandy" to "Ted's girlfriend Scarlet" wasn't a easy one. But, in one year, she found every thing she ever dreamed of. But, as she comes to learn, happy ever afters only ever happen in fairy tales.

This is her story, right from the beginning, to her not so happily ever after.

Holiday Romance

The Smith family finally go on a holiday that isn't in the United Kingdom, they go to Bullworth, New England. At first, neither Scarlet or Xanthe are to happy about this. But, when Scarlet decides that she wants to experience a holiday romance of her own... enter Ted Thompson, captain of the Bullworth Bullhorns.

She soon makes friends with Mandy, and gets offered a chance to be the cheerleader she's always wanted to be. The more time she spends here, the more she wants to stay, causing her to make a life changing decision.


Day 1 - the Beginning of Something

Day 2 - The Runaway Rich Girl

Day 3 - Beach Date

Days 4, 5 & 6 - 'Family Time'

Days 7 & 8 - It would Be Ironic, If My Name Was Cinderella

Days 9 & 10 - "Hi, I'm Pinky, Your Life Long Frenemy."

Days 11 & 12 - Something's Changed

Day 13 - My Moment


The Other Smith

(Summary will be added, when the story is finished and there won't be any spoilers.)


Extra Scarlet

This is stories that don't follow along with the story line, or really cool pictures of her.

  • Scarlet Cheering, by Coloured Flames.

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