Ok, so I know I have a whole set of stories, in order, about Cody Pepper, telling her story of her time at Bullworth, and a bit of her future. But, I have a couple of stories about Cody, that aren't part of that. Plus, loads of random ideas, involving Cody. So, I'm going to write them, but it not be included in her proper story, like a spin off series, if you will.

I have some totally random ideas, as a little teaser, here they are:

  • Cody gets set up on three blind dates, and with her natural Codyness, they obviously end up funny or completely random.
  • To shut Gary up, and prove that he was a total dumbass, Cody makes a bet with Gary. If she can take over the school and not get expelled, he has to tell the whole school, that he's a total loser that likes to wear pink tutus.

There are many more, but I can't give them all away now, can I? XP

Thoughts on this?

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