Hey everyone, ShadowRoxas134 back again. It seems quite popular to do a future series on the wiki. So, i decided to hop on the bandwagon. Now, this series will come whenever i have the time to write. But, to hold you over. might as well give you preview...

Anyway, here we go.

Mike and Jade, High school sweethearts, as it were. End up having a son. His name is Vergil, he is 14.

Vergil White

Salem and Snow, two goth high school sweethearts. Have twins Raven and Ryan. (I suppose i wrote them as terrible name givers. Having two kids with the first letter being R.)
Ryan Thompson
Raven Thompson

Those are their kids. In the future, Salem and Mike are mobsters. (Don't know why i picked that occupation. Guess i just love The Godfather that much.)

Future Mike

Mike, mobster and the underboss to Don Thompson.

Future Salem (Don Thompson)

Salem, the 30 something Don of the Thompson family.

Anyways, that's all i can say. You'll have to read the first chapter of my future series, to get a more in-depth feeling to the future of my characters. It will be fun for me to write something different. This will all take place from the POV of Mike. Just because, i like writing in that style. Although, if you read my work on, well, i write third person instead of first person.

Although, in the future, i'm probably going to start writing in the first person.

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