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  • Silverfaust89

    TRBG: The Sequel (25)

    January 27, 2013 by Silverfaust89

    Chapter #25: Career Week (part 2 of 2)

    I entered in the Asylum to see that it haven't changed since my visit with Mandy, almost a year ago. The patients were holed up in there cells, like wild animals in the zoo. I came close to the receptionist desk, and the receptionist was somewhat happy to see me (She must of been on the patients' happy pills).

    "You must be Malice Blackraven. And I see you're not wearing anything considered a weapon." The receptionist said indifferently, "Listen up I want you to change into this, before you enter the wards." She said, while getting me a spare orderly uniform.

    "Ok." I agreed.

    The receptionist ushered me to the girls bathroom, so I can change into the standard white orderly uniform. I put on the uniform in n…

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  • Silverfaust89

    TRBG: The Sequel (24)

    January 11, 2013 by Silverfaust89

    Chapter #24: Career Week (part 1 of 2)

    It was a snowy day at Bullworth Academy and I was in Art class drawing a representation of Edgar Gorey pictures, when an announcement flooded the school.

    "Will all students please report to the auditorium, after lunch. Attendance is of course mandatory." Miss. Danvers said.

    After lunch me and the Goths went to the auditorium to find out the cause of this unexpected assembly. Once everyone was seated, and it quieted down. Dr. Crabblesnitch came onto the stage, and to the podium.

    "Students, next week is career week. And I want you all to consider your futures, next week. It may depend on it." Dr. Crabblesnitch explained, "Now to see where you belong, you all will be taking a test to see what skills you migh…

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  • Silverfaust89

     Chapter #23: A Discreet Delivery

    Christmas passed like a blur and I was board for winter break. All of my friends we're visiting there families. Even Raven is visiting his parents in New York City. After watching the Vincent Price version of House of Wax (twice), I decided to head off to Blackraven Antiques to see if my parents have a job for me to do.

    "Hi dad." I sighed.

    "Ah Malice, just the person I wanted to see." My dad said in excitement, "I want you to do a delivery to do."

    "What kind of delivery?" I asked.

    "I want you to deliver this package to this address." My dad explained.

    I took a look at the address and it was not far from my house. At least a few houses down my street.

    "Sounds easy." I tersely said.

    "I know you would do it." My dad …

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  • Silverfaust89

    TRBG: The Sequel (22)

    December 26, 2012 by Silverfaust89

      Chapter #22: Holiday: The Musical (part 2 of 2)

    After a few days the final cast is put up, on the board in the main hallway; everyone swarmed the board to see who made the cut. Some were happy with there parts, while some were rejected. Me, Raven, and Hawthorne went to the board to see all the Goths are in the play, Hawthorne was flabbergasted at what he saw.

    "I'm in the play!" Hawthorne said out loud.

    Miss. Peters came to us with such a creepy, but happy ambiance. "That's right, since Davis has been banned from the play, for smoking weed, I decided to cast you instead." Miss. Peters explained.

    "But I have crippling stage fright." Hawthorne pleaded.

    "Well the play is on Christmas Eve, so you have at least a week to conquer your stage fri…

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  • Silverfaust89

    TRBG: The Sequel (21)

    November 28, 2012 by Silverfaust89

    Chapter #21: Holiday: The Play (Part 1 of 2)

    Today starts the winter session at Bullworth Academy, and that means everyone is in there winter uniforms including my own clique. The Goths wear black wool Bullworth jackets over there normal uniforms, except for Veronica who wears a long blood red PVC (with black wool on the inside) jacket over hers. With winter comes the holidays, you know X-mas, Chunnuka, Kwaanza, ect.

    I was in the cafeteria with Grimore, Orpheus, Hawthorne, and Veronica when I noticed Miss. Peters putting up a poster for the X-mas play.

    "That anti-semite!" Veronica shouted.

    "Are you Jewish?" Orpheus said rhetorically.

    "Are you gay?" Veronica snapped back at what he said, mentioning his sexuality.

    "Guys calm down." I mediated, "Or…

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