Chapter #10: The Legend of the Bullworth Ghost

I was in the Girls' Dorm, with Ember, Absinthe and Veronica listening to some of Ember's Morrisey CD's, when I saw a girl wearing a long blue Bullworth dress, black knee socks, and black shoes. She soon dissapered out of thin air, I was shocked.

"Malice what's wrong, you look paler than usual." Absinthe said.

"Did you see that girl?" I asked.

"What girl?" Veronica asked back.

"A girl in a Bullworth uniform from the 1950's!" I shouted.

There was a brief silence, then Absinthe spoke up.

"You're talking about the Ghost girl of Bullworth, aren't you?" She asked.

"You know her?" I asked in a huff.

"There had been rumors about her since her death in 1959." Ember explained.

"I don't get you." Veronica said tersely.

"We have a ghost haunting Bullworth." Absinthe said clarafying Veronica.

"That is so cool. Conformist, but cool." I said

Then Miranda showed up, she was shocked, and pale to the bone.

"Is it possible to see a girl, but she's transparent, and dissapered?" Miranda asked in a shocked huff.

"You saw her too?" Veronica asked in return.

"Yeah." Miranda tersely said.

The next day in the cafeteria I noticed that the Bullies were shocked to see the Nerds, the Crestwood Preps were afraid of the Greasers, and the Jocks weren't beating up the Mornton Emo's. It was like the Cliques were not being themselves.

"What in Faust's name is going on?" I said, looking at everyone.

"The Ghost girl of Bullworth is back from the grave." Bif said in a paralizing fright.

"She's out for her revenge." Earnest shockenly said.

"Revenge?" I dared to ask.

"Don't you know." Earnest continued, "Mary Anna Harrison was murdered in 1959." He added.

"I agree." Bif agreed with Earnest.

"That's the ghost girl's name?" I noticed the girls name.

"Yeah." Earnest and Bif said in unison.

"I wonder why she's haunting the school now?" I pondered.

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