Chapter #11: Mary Anna's Revenge on Bullworth

I went to the Library to look up Mary Anna Harrison on the computers, but it turned up nothing. So I went to Miss. Cavin for help.

"Excuse me do you know where the student directory from 1959 is?" I asked.

"Yes, have you tried the school yearbooks." She asked me.

"Of course." I tersely said.

I went to the shelves where the yearbook were on, and went to the 1959 book. In it was the info I needed for solving this mystery.

"In memoriam to Mary Anna Harrison." I read quietly, "A good girl, rest in peace." I continued to read, but I relized it was little help.

Later on, at my house I looked up the same name on a diffrent directory of all the citizens of Bullworth, only to turn up a newspaper article on Mary Anna.

Bullworth Academy Girl Killed In Dorm Fire.

"There was a fire in Bullworth Academy." I said to myself.

I read the article and discovered another article.

Bullworth Academy Dorm Fire Caused By Student.

It read:

Reports coming in, that the Bullworth Academy dorm room fire was caused by a senoir student Marcus Livengston, on accident, caused by a lit cigarette. He is charged with arson and second degree manslaughter, in the death of junoir Mary Anna Harrison."

"That is how she died." I said to myself.

The next morning I showed the article to the Goths.

"She was killed in a fire." Orpheus said in astonishment.

"That is so tragic." Absinthe cried.

"I know, but if we can see her, we can try to help her." I exclaimed.

An annoucement on the P.A. came on.

"Will Malice Blackraven please report to the office." Miss Danvers said.

"What did I do?" I pondered.

I went to Dr. Crabblesnitch's office, where he is nowhere to be seen.

"Dr. Crabblesnitch what do you want with me?" I asked him, but no answer.

The door slammed shut from behind me, with a cinimatic effect, then Mary Anna attacked me; by phasing through me. I shuddered.

"I'm not the enemy!" I screamed, while she attempted to possess me, "Why are you doing this?!" I yelled.

"Re...Venge!" Mary Anna said.

"Why, I'm a pathetic little fringe on society, as well." I pleaded, recited Allison's favorite line.

"How did you know I'm a Geek?" She asked.

"I know you were looked down on, and people made your life hell. I've been there." I said recalling my experiences before coming to Bullworth.

"I hear you, chickadee." She said, "How do I know I can trust you?" She added.

"Just promise me you don't go haunting people." I struck up a deal.

"Promise." Mary Anna said bluntly.

Then she dissapered.

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