Chapter #13: Road to Halloween (part 2 of 2)

After a ten minute walk from my house, me and Raven walked in to Blackraven Cafe. There we heard Bauhaus' infamous song 'Bela Lugosi's Dead', and Raven put on his apron and nametag and went to work.

"Malice." My mom said, greeting me.

"Hi mom." I greeted back at her.

"I got a call from your father, saying that you want to have a Halloween party." She chided softly.

"Well that could be a consideration." I tersely said.

"Well I don't mind having a party, but as long as your father says yes." My mom answered.

"Ok." I bluntly said.

Later that night, I was at the dinner table, with my parents to discuss plans for Halloween.

"I heard that Mr. Harrington is throwing a lavish Halloween party, at his estate." My dad explained my parents' Halloween plans.

"Count me out. I don't want to upset the baby." My mom cooed.

"I see." My dad said; then he turned to me, "Malice concerning your party request. I think it's ok." He added.

"Thanks dad." I thanked.

"But your mother is supervising." My dad sternly said.

"I understand." I tersely said.

After dinner I went upstairs, did my homework; while listening to Diva Destruction. Then took out my diary to write an entry.

Dear Diary,

Today I got the ok from my dad to have a party in two weeks, and on Halloween as well. I'm inviting the Goths, the Emos (recently formed by Sam Phillips and Raven's cousin Cindy), the Jocks, the Nerds, the Greasers, and maybe the non-cliques. I'm not inviting the Preps because they might throw Prep-only party at Harrington House, who knows.

The next morning I was in the halls with Raven and Grimore, handing out invites that I made last night to students.

"I'm there." Algie said.

"Glad to hear that." I smiled.

Then Miranda came by. She wasn't happy to see me.

"So I heard that you're throwing a party." Miranda snobbishly said.

"Do you have plans for Halloween?" I asked.

"Well as a matter of fact me and the Preps do." She continued, "Mr. Harrington is throwing a party for Halloween, and anyone in our tax bracket is invited."

'I'm not interested." I assured her.

"Fine." Miranda said.

Then Miranda left and the bell rung, meaning it was music class.

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