Chapter #7: Road to Homecoming

I was just in my English class when I heard what Mr. Galloway had to say. At first I thought he was drunk (again), but he didn't bring any beer.

"I almost forgot, about the homecoming nominations." He said while facepalming his forhead, "Since homecoming is coming up, we need to assemble the homecoming court." He explained.

Allison raised her right hand.

"I like to nominate Malice Blackraven for Homecoming queen." Allison sarcasticly said.

"What?!" I was shocked to hear what Allison said.

"Ok Malice Blackraven should be one nominee. What about another." He explained.

"I nominate Femme Boy for homecoming queen." Gary mocked at Petey.

"What!!" Petey snapped.

"Mr. Smith you have to nominate a girl for homecoming queen, unless you want Peter to be king." Mr. Galloway scolded Gary.

"Fine. I nominate Petey for homecoming king." Gary said, in a pissed off mood.

"We got a king and queen nominees." Mr. Galloway said.

"I nominate myself for homecoming king." Raven shouted, raising his left hand in the air.

"Ok, we'll put it to a vote, who wants Peter to be the homecoming nominee?" He asked the class. Gary, Gordon, Tad, Eunice, and Casey raised their hands, "That's five votes for Peter. How about Raven?" He asked.

Me, Hawthorne, Ember, Allison, and Mandy raise their hands making it a tie.

"Five for Peter, and five for Raven." Mr. Galloway said, tallying up the votes, "We need at least one more vote for either our two kings." He added.

"Sorry I'm late, I had to go to the nurse." Sam said in his normal depressed mood.

"Too many slits on the wrist." Gary mocked.

"Gary!" Mr. Galloway admonished Gary to shut up, "Sam we need you to vote for the homecoming nomination. Choose between Peter or Raven." Mr. Galloway explained to Sam.

"I pick Raven." Sam pointed.

"Then it's settled Malice and Raven we'll be our nominees for the class." Mr. Galloway was happy to see the nominees.

After school me and the Goths went to the Blackraven Cafe, where I told my mom that I was nominated by Allison to be homecoming queen. She had a shocked look on her face.

"No way." My mom said in a slight shock.

"It's not a total loss Raven's been nominated as well." I explained the rest of my plight.

"Well I have to say, You better run against your competion." My mom said, elated about homecoming.

"Who are you up against?" Veronica asked me.

"I'm not sure." I said giving out a 'I don't know' mood.

"We'll definately vote for you." Absinthe said, giving out her support.

"Thank you." I thanked.

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