Chapter #17: Karma's Backlash

The next day a announcement came on the intercom "Malice Blackraven, please report to Dr. Crabblesnitch's office imediatly!" Ms. Danver shouted over the intercom. It felt like I was in trouble. Did someone snitch on me, did the Preps and Jocks caught on to our little prank. One things for sure I'm in deep trouble.

I came to Dr. Crabblesnitch's office like Ms. Danvers said, there I saw Allison in another seat. Was she in trouble too? I doubt it. "Sit down Miss Blackraven." Dr. Crabblesnitch bluntly responded to my arrival, "Now you had put out a haunted house last night." "Yes." I said bluntly. "And I got complaints from Miss Nesterwood about her being scared into submission, something about her father trying to quote-unquote 'done unmentionble things' to her." He retorted. Yes, but she called me a slut!" I shouted in my defence. "I did no such thing to her, she's lying." Allison hissed to Crabblesnitch, "She must pay by expulsion." "She will pay the price, however not by expulsion." Crabblesnitch lectured, "Miss Blackraven, since this is your first offence, I'll be easy. Please report to the cafeteria, you'll be doing dishes for the rest of the day. Your teachers know your doing this punishment." I soon left the office to meet up with Edna's niece.

"Dr. Crabblesnitch told me that you have to do dishes for the day." She said to me, "I'll let you out early if you do a good job." She was confident about me being good, but I did time, for the crime, after spending 4 hours with her doing dishes, and the haunted house it was worth it, and it got me out of Home ect. God I hate that class.

After that was done I went to my next class which photography with Ms. Phillips. Today I'm taking pictures of students, for the yearbook. And I know who to go on: Allison. "I know you had Raven find out my secret." Allison hissed from behind me. I turned to her. "Smile for the camera." Said I pointing the camera at her face. "Oh you're in the middle of photography class." Allison said, "Well I'll make this blunt, if you ever use my cousin for blackmail, I'll convince Dr. Crabblesnitch to expel you from this campus, and ruin your reputation as a clique leader. Got that?" "Yes, but smile." I said as I took her picture. "Remember what I said." Allison hissed. Then she walked away. Good thing I'm double crossing her.

After I took Russel and Jimmy's photos. I headed straight for the art room. "These photos are amazing, Miss Blackraven. Have you been privately tutored." Ms. Phillips said with amuzement.

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