Chapter #21: A Goth Romance

A few days passed since I declared war on the Preps. But there not backing down from a fight, but with they're boxing skills, I doubt we're going to fight hand to hand. But other than that, things have dulled down. I was in English class when I noticed I was writing a poem about Raven.

Darken hearts slowly intwines me, may this be, ravens shall dance in a goth romance.

I was embarassed about how much I realized that I love Raven. Raven on the other hand, I hope he likes me back. I hope.

At lunch me, Absinthe, and Orpheus we're talking about my feelings for Raven as we we're eating lunch. "So you like Raven!" Orpheus was shocked to hear that I liked Raven. "Are you in love with him?" I asked Orpheus. "No. I'm sure he likes you back." Orpheus defended, as he took a heaping bite out of a hamburger. "Well I find it romantic." Absinthe said, "Reminds me of my crush with Jimmy." "You had a crush on Jimmy." I was surprised to hear that come out of Absinthe's mouth, "What made you not like him?" I asked. "I since he started to date Zoe. I was heartbroken. So I focused back into my studies, and when I found you I thought of dating Hawthorn." Absinthe explained, "But he doesn't notice me more than a friend." "Well when I joined you guys, Kirby first thought I was emo, because of the black I'm wearing. I talked it over with him, and accepted my diffrences." Orpheus explained his situation. "Well I hope he notices me as more than a friend." I said.

When I went to my locker to find a note.

Dear Malice,

I want you to meet me at the front enterance of the carnival at 5:30.


Is this it? Raven asking me out?

After school I went to my house to prepare for the date at The Carnival. I tried on various outfits, but they didn't seem right on me. Then I settled on a black Switchblade Symphony tee, with black lace gloves, a penticle choker, a ultraviolet miniskirt, violet thigh-hi's, and my black goth boots. Then headed out the door because it was 5:03. I hopped on my bike, ignoring all the Preps that we're in my way, while peddeling as fast as my legs could take me. After 10 minutes of bike riding, I showed up at the carnival.

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