Chapter #23: The Betrayed.

It was a new day and I became to be dating Raven Harris; the son of wealthy lawers, and the cousin of my worst enemy. When I got to school I saw Raven talking to Mandy of all people. But something didn't seem right about Mandy, she was crying her eyes out. "What's with Mandy?" I asked in consern. "Somebody said a rumor about me being a total slut, enough to make Lola look like a nun!" Mandy cried. I thought of one person who would do such a thing and that girl is... "Allison!" I shouted, "She's the one who's making those rumors. She even was the one who made Ember quit the cheerleading squad. Don't you get it Mandy, she's ruining her reputation!" "How can I fight back, her rumors make Christy's look real." Mandy retorted. "Did she threaten to expel you, if she didn't have her way?" Raven asked. Mandy nodded yes. "That's it even I draw the line at ruining the head cheerleaders status. We need to face Allison." I triaded.

At art class I looked at Mandy lackluster painting of a cat, and it felt like she didn't put any effort into the painting. Then she painted over the cat with red paint in depression. "What's wrong Mandy, not feeling well today?" Ms. Phillips consoled Mandy. "It's just that people are so mean to me today." Mandy said in act of deperation. "Why don't you go to the nurse's office, Mandy." Ms. Phillips said, while writing a pass. Then Mandy left the room, crying her eyes out. I heard Allison snicker at Mandy's misfortune. God I wish Allison would get a karmic ass-kicking.

After class, I confronted Allison. "Why did you do this to Mandy?" I hissed. "Well she can't take insecurities pretty well." The Mary-Sue said in fit of snootiness, "So I want to rule the school with my popularity and charisma." "YOU BITCH!!!!!" I started to catfight her with pure anger up until one of the prefects came and separated us, and sent us to Dr. Crabblesnitch. In his office we sat down. "What's this about starting rumors of Miss Wiles being a tramp?" He asked me. "I didn't start the rumors, Allison did to assure her status queen bee!" I defended myself. "Well this is no place to start rumors about girls being whores, and it's certainly not the place to catfight over a petty rumor..." He continued on then cut off by Ms. Danvers rushing in the office. "Dr. Crabblesnitch, sorry to interupt, but we have an emergency!" Ms. Danver said. "What is it?" Asked Dr. Crabblesnitch in consern. "It's Miss Wiles, and she's lost her mind!" Ms. Danvers shouted. "Hold on." He said to Ms. Danvers, then he went to us, "As punishment, both of you are doing detention for the rest of the week. Report the punishement prefect now."

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