Chapter #26: Winterfest

The next day I saw a poster for the annual winterfest. "Winterfest?" I asked to myself, pondering about the upcoming event. "I've never been to a winterfest before." Raven said looking at the poster. "Oh yeah, you we're hospitalized for 11 years." I said to Raven. "I can't wait for the great snowball war." Said Damon passing by us. "Hey Damon!" I shouted to him. "What?" He said turning to me and Raven. "What is the great snowball war?" I asked. "Well it's the closing event for the winterfest. It's where all the cliques have a big snowball fight, even the little kids play the event." He explained. "Well count me out." Raven shrugged. "Why?" Damon asked. "Hello I have anemnia." Raven said in his defence. "Well I can't wait to cake the Nerds in snow." Damon was stoked about the upcoming event, as he left our sight. Then Ember and Grimore came to us, holding hands. "Hey guys." Grimore said as he let go of Ember's hand. "Hey guys." I said. "Can't wait for winterfest." Ember sighed, "because of the snowman competion." "We'll definately enter the snowball war, and win." I said. "Fat chance." Allison said from behind us. We turned to her, where she accompanied by Chad and Justin. "We will be the ones who will win." Justin gloated, "We've won the great snowball war for the last three years." "And we'll make it four on friday." Chad said. Raven was about to use all his energy to fight Justin (I don't know why Raven hates Justin), but Grimore and Ember stopped him before a fight broke out. The three Preps left for they're respective classes and as did we.

"Today we'll be making itching powder." Dr. Watts said giving out the assignment. Me and Absinthe did the assignment, but Absinthe accidently sneezed on the itching powder and me and her we're itching all over. Dr. Watts gave us a hall pass to wash off the itching powder off us. We passed for the day and headed to the cafeteria. "Ember, you used to be a Prep, do you know they're weakness in the snowball war?" I asked. "Well I didn't partisipate in the war itself, but it's teamwork is they're weakness." Ember explained, "We need to work together to fight them." "I'll be the tactics." Hawthorn exclaimed. "I'll be the supplier." Said Grimore. "And I'll be the thrower." Orpheus said, giving his idea. "Great." I tersely said, "Thank you for all the help."

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