Hello, everyone! Link, here. I used to do these over on Bully Wiki, so my main base of operations is here, I figured: What the hell? I might as well move these over here. I'll do these once every week or so, in order to give people time to answer them.

Okay, question one:


Personally, I've been listening a lot of Nirvana lately. Mostly their iconic album 'Nevermind' because this Tuesday will be the 20th Anniversary of it's release!!!! And their coming out with a deluxe edition that comes with posters and other cool stuff! Sorry... I got off track there haha. Best song off it is 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' Getting off track once again! I tend to do that quite a bit =/

Anyways, leave your answers in the comments section below!!!

P.S. This is for Michael or anyone else who doesn't know Nirvana:

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