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  • SodaCat

    drunken monologues

    May 26, 2018 by SodaCat

    guess who this bitch killed now

    ch 1: no. 1 party anthem

    Heavy breathing.

    "How often do you have these… dreams? Is there anything special you do before bed on the nights you have them?"

    Sirens. Footsteps rushing towards him.

    Dr. Bambillo shuffled his notes. Cleared his throat. Readjusted his watch. Anything to fill in these empty spaces. He hated empty spaces. The came so damn often with this kid.

    Rustles against the floorboards as he dragged himself towards the exit. The heat still lapping at his left foot. Was it his foot? His leg. It was his leg. He couldn't feel his foot anymore.

    Dr. Bambillo started calculating how many more years until he could retire. Maybe he'd just do it early.

    Arms hooking themselves under his armpits, pulling him up and…

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  • SodaCat

    Regarding SWEGTA.

    April 24, 2018 by SodaCat

    Hey guys, sorry for my inactivity.

    I can't say this breach is on a good note.

    Recently there's been an issue unfolding in the Bully fandom regarding a 17 year old male (legal adult in the UK, where he lives) sending lewd messages to girls of ages 12-16.

    This user happens to be friends with our "beloved" SWEGTA.

    SWEGTA, aware of these accusations and the evidence, continues to support this user and seek evidence to nullify what the first girl to come forward with what his friend did to her's words and accusations.

    I know people on the wiki like him, but he's not welcome here.

    I'm not going to have pedophiles or their enablers associated with this wiki.

    I apologize to those of you who continue to support SWEGTA, but after personal experience with h…

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  • SodaCat

    i suck ik

    November 15, 2017 by SodaCat

    ugh im sorry ive been so inactive

    college is taking up my time

    and when thats not taking up my time

    work is taking up my time

    and when thats not taking up my time

    im goofing off with my boyfriend

    or napping

    sometimes at the same time

    anyways no im not abandoning the wiki i just literally do not have time for anything at all ever

    love y'all

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  • SodaCat


    August 1, 2017 by SodaCat

    brad is a meme

    “C’mon… I think you’ve had enough to drink…”

    Words followed by a stumble. An arm reaching out. A slump. Drowsy footsteps. A clatter. Laughter. A door slamming shut but, not in anger.

    It was a little difficult to carry Edgar’s weight, they weighed about the same, even if Edgar had more muscle and a couple inches on him. The lack of balance didn’t help at all, and, even digging his feet into the dirt didn’t really help him.

    “I don’ wanna go home…” he complained, steering away from Brad, setting off in another direction. Clumsy footsteps not indicating a clear one.

    Panicked ones followed. Brad held onto him again. The fear a mix of logical and illogical. Blue Skies was dangerous. Edgar was the king. He was a target. He was in charge…

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  • SodaCat


    July 26, 2017 by SodaCat

    i wrote this ages ago its about brad/brandon/bradley/fuckboy


    He could hear seagulls, flying overhead.

    Moments later he saw them, white bodies barely visible against the misty morning beach sky. Back home he might’ve stressed about them pooping on him, but today he wasn’t home. He was alone. Blissfully, earth shatteringly, heartbreakingly alone.

    He lay on the sand, arms splayed out, helpless like a fish out of water, which he guessed he was in a metaphorical sense. Nobody liked him at Bullworth. Not even the girls.

    The damp sand was cool against his skin. The entire beach was brisk, given that it was closer to winter than summer. It felt as if the Earth were returning his hug, and he relished in it.

    Waves crashing. Bullworth lake wasn’t…

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