You are all about to get a preview of what my deviant"art" gallery is full of.

Please, don't kill me ^^

Also, I ask that nobody take this idea from me. Seriously, don't. It was my idea and since it shall be posted on deviantart, it's my copyright.

So there.

Well, I was thinking... if I were Derby and was a barbie like he is and ruled the prep (all you prep fans beware...)


Here's what I would do!

  1. Change the prep uniform to tomato costumes! Well, for Bif at least. Oh that red head!
  2. Ask Parker if he's ever worked at Mr. Meaty.
  4. Make Gord my slAaaaAAAAavvVVvvvvEEEEeee!
  5. Turn Chad into a cowboy.
  6. Make Pinky change her name to Orangey.
  7. Bribe Crabblesnitch to build me an indoor coffee swimming pool! (now you know why i'm so hyper.)
  8. Turn every dollar in Harrington House into nickels. Nickels are so cool and shiny...
  9. Sell Bryce.
  10. Buy Bryce back.
  11. Tell Bryce he is unloved.
  12. Tell Bryce he is the best prep ever.
  13. Tell Tad he's uglier than Bryce.
  14. Tell Bryce that I didn't mean he was ugly.
  15. Tell Tad he's secretly adopted, and his biological mother is Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
  16. Make Justin think he's part mouse.
  17. Convince Bif he's an alien.
  18. Tell Pinky she's been demoted to a servant.
  19. Watch Pinky's emotional breakdown.
  20. Become a male model, with male makeup. (Since this is if I were Derby the douchie<3)
  21. Put on a play of Romeo and Juliet.
  22. Make the play last 6 days.
  23. And a half.

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