So, I think mostly everybody knows of my little miss grandma OC, Cora. If you don't, she was an OC I made within 2 months of playing Bully, I think. Before I knew or Violet knew about BW. Just wondering, would anybody want to read somethin' 'bout her? I dunno, maybe not a story, but like, a scene or anything? Late,

♚Jenny♞ ♣(♫♪♫♪) 20:31, March 6, 2011 (UTC)

Update: Requested by Hua Xiong, just a bit of info on little miss Gran:

She's the sister of Lefty, her name being Coraline Mancini. She's about as tough as him, but isn't that great of a fighter. She does take a liking to one of the preps, but later dumps him for... somebody else ;) and she hates a lot of the greasers because they treat her like a "baby", including Lefty. She's also mysterious. Very mysterious O.o

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