• I live in Raeford, NC
  • I was born on November 28
  • My occupation is Housekeeping for my community college.
  • I am Male
  • TheToughGuy

    So here are more of my writing assignments. Enjoy!

    Note: Rather than do a light-hearted comedy like my first writing assignment, I decided to do more of a dramatic story. This one is based on an incident that happened between me and an older gentleman, but with a few twists.

    My Writing:



    If there was one thing that best described James, it was that he liked to remember. To remember a lot of stuff that happened in his life, he kept a lot of stuff in his room. Stuff that he knew he had to throw away but kept for significant reasons. A lot of the stuff that he kept included a rusty baseball bat, tons of books that he may or may never get a chance to read, tons of paperwork and receipts from different stores and orga…

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  • TheToughGuy

    So I decided to show off some of my writing assignments from my Creative Writing class. I will post as many of the previous assignments on here as much as I can. Most of the stuff is from Discussion Board assignments while one was a major grade.  I will also make this blog easier by adding a table of contents as well as a description of the said assignment. So, here we go.

    Prompt information: Take your notebook and go to a place where you can observe people--a library, restaurant, coffee shop, hospital waiting room, wherever. 

    Choose a few people and describe them in detail in your notebook. What are they wearing? What are they doing and why do you think they're doing it? If they are talking, can you overhear (or guess) what they're saying? …

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  • TheToughGuy

    Checking Up On You Guys

    September 30, 2017 by TheToughGuy

    Hey, guys. I'm just checking up on you. I know I have been absent for a few months now, but I'm going to try and post the final part of The Undead Side-Stories short, The Split-Up at least either this weekend or the next. 

    In case you are all wondering what's been going on with me, I've started the new college year and been focusing on my school. My courses this year are Statistical Methods I (which is a pain in the ass to follow), American Literature I (which is an okay class at best), and Creative Writing I (which I'm having a blast in by the way). 

    A lot of people have praised my writing in that class, which is good because I'm thinking about following writing as a career. If you guys want, I'll share some of my assignments on here and le…

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  • TheToughGuy

    That night, after Earnest banished Algie from the Observatory, Algie got together with the other Nerds who agreed with him. They all felt that Earnest would lead them to certain death by the hands of the Jocks. With no other option to fall on, Algie and his outfit decided that it was for the best that they leave before anything else happens.

    However, that may not be as easy as they may have thought. Leaving their friends behind may be one thing, but to leave them behind to certain doom is another.




    Algie, Melvin, Fatty, and a few others were right by the gate, planning to open it to leave when Cornelius, Bucky, and Beatrice came up to them and started begging for them not to go.

    “Guys, please don’t go”, Cornelius begged to them. “You won’t…

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  • TheToughGuy

    John Maciel made good on his deal. Just when I got back to my dorm room later that Wednesday after class, I found my room to be filled with all sorts of weapons. Enough for all the Nerds and Bullies to use. Spud Guns, Bottle-Rocket Guns, Paintball Guns, and BB guns. There was also enough ammo for all the guns too. After making a couple of calls, I got both cliques to carry out the weapons and ammo and take them to the school basement. It was nice for him to do this, but there had to be a reason he was helping me out, and I just found out what that reason was.

    Today was Thursday, 6:50 PM. I was in the school basement in the area that the Bullies use as a hideout. It wasn’t all that bad, considering how there was a bed, a poker table, and a f…

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