I decided to start up a conversation blog series like what SirLinkalot96 and MichaelDiaz101 does sometimes. I'll be asking about stuff like games, movies, books and music (maybe). I don't really know any controversies happening like gay marriages or government issues, so it's those four topics I will be asking for now. Sorry.

MY QUESTION(S): I know for sure that alot of us have played Grand Theft Auto. What is your favorite game in the series? Why is it your favorite game in the series? What is your least favorite game in the series? Why is it your least favorite game in the series? What's your favorite setting and vehicle in the series? Are you excited about GTA V and the fact that you will be returning to San Andreas (only the Los Santos portion)? Also, who's your favorite protagonist and antagonist?

MY REPLY: My most favorite game in the series is GTA: Vice City. It had a good story (even though it's a revamped version of Scarface), good soundtrack and it's the very first video game I ever played. My least favorite game in the series is GTA IV. The story was alright I admit, but it never really appealed to me alot. The soundtrack was alright and there wasn't really alot to do in the game. It was set in a bigger, revamped version of Liberty City (with the addition of a old-but-new city, Alderney) and there wasn't really alot do like what GTA: San Andreas had to offer. My favorite setting is Vice City and my favorite vehicles are the Stallion and Sentinel. My favorite protagonist is Tommy Vercetti and my favorite antagonist is Officer Frank Tenpenny since his corrupt ways somehow caused the riot in Los Santos (I forgot how). Finally, I can't wait for GTA V to come out. The 'pursuit for the Almightly Dollar' sounds like you will have the opportunity to purchase bussinesses again in the series. I can't wait.

Sorry for asking too much questions, but that might be how it will be later in the other blogs.

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