Just talk about life, you know.

My Question(s)

So what's been going on in your lives? Anything going on at home? In school? At your workplace? Anyplace?

My Reply

I guess alot is going on in my life. Some of you already know that I'm going to be an uncle in Feburary all because my older brother made the stupidest choice in his entire life. Couple weeks ago, I went to the Turkey Festival and hung out with my friends, as well as the chief of police (because I know him). I'm going to have my house bombed again because of the roach problem I have as well as work at another house my parents own because the last people who rented it out made a mess of it. It's going to take weeks to repair the place and alot of money. At school, I've been stressing out about getting scholarships and signing up for the SAT. I'm also a assistant director for this news show that the priciple decided to do for the school. It's been a success so far by students and teachers. I kinda also been drifting away from two of my best friends, so I kinda been bummed out about that as well. That's all I have been going through so far.

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