Okay, so I have been recently thinking of a Bully roleplay wiki.

Yes, you are all thinking, "What the heck are we going to do on a roleplay wiki?" Well, perhaps we make a page for every character displayed on Bully and Bully: Scholarship Edition, only the users get to write the article through the character the article is about.

I'm guessing that from most of you, your answer may be a 'no', which is okay, as this idea was just a thought. BUT, if your answer is a 'yes' then I may proceed to making a Bully Role play wiki, which I mostly likely will.

Also, you get to make your own characters, and roleplay with others characters. When you make your page, perhaps I could give you a code that would make your character page indeed fancy.

You are going to have to make your character articles through the forum. Here is how I perhaps may want it to be:

1) You put down the name of your character.
2) The age.
3) The clique you wish your character to be in. (Note that to make sure there won't be a bunch of characters in just 1 clique, put your second choice in too.
4) Character appearance.
5) A very descriptive history about your character.
6) Picture (optional)

Also, you get to make up your own missions, and have your characters star in them!

Please, everyone, I hope no one thinks that Bully roleplay wiki is just a copy of Bully fanon wiki. I am trying not to make more differences, and I hope that all of all of you come and join me. I will reveal more details about Bully roleplay, as I make more ideas, lol. Please note that when I make it, there will be rules, that will possibly be a tad bit different from other roleplay wikis you may have seen.  TweetyMcBirdBird  Talk    

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