"Sometimes, I feel a little TOO handsome. Y-Y'know what I mean?"
— Vance Medici

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Vance Medici is a member of the Greasers clique in Bully.

Vance Medici
Clique Greasers
Gender Male
Rival Preppies
Kissable Yes
Missions Cheating Time
Wrong Part of Town
The Rumble
Voice Actor William DeVizia

Character Summary

Vance is one of the shorter greasers. He has copper hair that is styled in a pompadour, light green eyes, and wears a black leather jacket over his Bullworth vest, gray jeans, and brown boots. When in his gym clothes, he rolls his right sleeve up. On Halloween, he dresses as a pirate.

He is very concerned with his hair, often telling others not to touch it, and often worries about its state. This is noted by the other students, and he is frequently teased by it, even coming to a point where the Preps apparently tried to set it on fire. He also seems to have high standing within the clique.

Vance is also one of the kissable boys in the game.


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