All Quotes

  • Get him!
  • Tad. You been messing with the wrong girl.
  • Guys, they're over here.
  • Alright, just keep sleeping you jerk. I'll find something else to do.
  • You bastard!
  • Let's go around here!
  • Damn! Cops here too.
  • Go! Get to Johnny. We'll cover your back.
  • I know where he is, but I ain't telling you nothing!
  • It's the cops! Run!
  • Hey. This is supposed to be off. Later.
  • Outta my way.
  • Suck less!
  • Look. Old Hattrick's here.
  • That's ahh, ahh...
  • I don't know.
  • Hmmm...
  • Alright, I'll pay. You drive a hard bargain.
  • No way man. We've been busy with the townies.
  • Yeah, they've been spreading rumors about Johnny. That's what made him go crazy.
  • Now get outta here!
  • No way man. After the townies been saying all that stuff about Lola and made Johnny crazy. We don't care about those stuck up jerks.
  • Yeah, and Johnny says that you're no friend of ours anymore, but since you got him out I'll let you walk away from this meeting.

Suggesting to provide protection

  • One guardian angel... at your service.
  • Okay, let's do it!

ALLY About to Leave

  • My hair needs a touch-up. I'm out.
  • I'm splitting Jimmy.

ALLY Help Me

  • I'm coming!
  • Hold tight!

Giving an errand

  • Hey man, can you get me some TP? It's a bit of an emergency.
  • Bikes is where it's at. Go send a message to that car driving scum.

Getting knocked off bike

  • Whoa! Someone check my hair!
  • Wipeout!

Comment on successful bike trick

  • Hell on wheels!
  • Check out the speed demon!

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • Ha ha ha ha! Creamed!
  • Nice try, daredevil!

Stealing a bike

  • Oh, cut out! I need that!
  • Hey kid. Let me see that!

Has bike stolen from

  • Whoa! Don't have a cow!
  • Will you watch the hair?!

Friendly Fire

  • Jimmy! why?
  • Hey! cut it out
  • Go ape on them,Not me

While Fighting

  • Your crusin for a bruisin
  • Your gonna get creamed
  • Don't even think about touching the hair

Hit in the Groin

  • Ohhgh! oh,right in the hot rod ohhugh

Spat On

  • Ohugh!! someone is dead!!

Watching a Fight

  • Yeah!! get him good
  • Hey this ain't no school dance rush into him
  • Use your left your left

Starting a Fight

  • You have bought a ticket to the pain train CHOO! CHOO!
  • Ok buddy you asked for it!
  • You had! your chance to cool out
  • You ever been used as a punching bag?!

Aiding in Fight

  • Heyy! get off him
  • What do you think your doing?!

Winning a fight

  • This is sooo cool!
  • We're in fat city now!

When into him bump friend

  • Excuse me.
  • Lemme slide by you there.
  • Whoops...I didn't see ya.

When into him bump others students and enemies

  • Hey! Watch the hair!
  • Watch the leather!
  • Cool it!
  • Buzz off!
  • Hey, yer crowding ma' style here.
  • Hey you want something, dipstick?!

When into him bump Dropout (or Jim in their clothes)

  • Dude! I'm not yer drug deala'.

When into him bump Jim after him expelled

  • Hey Jimmy! Don't wipe your anti-cool on me.

When into him bump Jock

  • Late for the big game, lunkhead?

When into him bump Nerd

  • Watch it, Dorcas McDinklestein!

When into him bump Prep

  • Faux English accent* Where's the tea party?

Getting hit with bike/car

  • If you dented my coif I swear...!
  • Crazy psycho!
  • Are you completely blind?!


  • What's your tale, nightingale?
  • What's buzzin' cousin?
  • What's the deal, pin wheel?
  • How's it hanging, big daddy?

Demanding Gift

  • Hey got something nice for nice boy
  • You got I present to to show you care

Saying Goodbye

  • I gotta fix my hair! ... later!
  • I got a split! ... upset stomach!
  • This chick needs me! ... I'm cuttin' out!

Saying about something at the carnival

  • That didn't scare me! One bit!
  • How's my hair!?

Calling friends for help

  • Hey! I got a real tough guy here!
  • Guys! Over here!

When chasing someone

  • I'm right behind ya!
  • You ain't losing me!

When someone hide from him

  • Look at the little rabbit! Hi!
  • You gonna hide there forever!?

Out of breath

  • ...okay... can't do this sweating thing...

Walking around talking to himself

  • This town needs a decent drive-in!
  • Real tough chick!
  • She's got the hots for me! ... Who doesn't!?
  • Homework's a drag!
  • She's reading too many romance books!
  • I'm hungry for some action!


  • Dilwad
  • If there's tracks nearby,your in the wrong side of them

When confused

  • What is going on?


  • Nice one!
  • Yeah, great! Big whoop!

During a conversation

  • So yeah.
  • Oh, and another thing...
  • I saw Mandy and Ted in the locker room. Make out sitting.
  • Watch out for Russell. I hear he was in the psycho ward.
  • I hear Derby's gonna be a dead man but he ended a week.