"What? Did you expect someone dressed in all red going on and on about Putin?"
— Vasily

Vasily Romanov is an original character created by SodaCat.

Vasily Romanov
Birthday April 9th, 1990
Eye Color Blue-Gray
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Height 5'8"
Weight 152 lbs
Clique Skaters
Gender Male
Kissable No
Creator SodaCat
Vasily signature sc
Vasily Maksim Romanov

Character Description

Vasily has blue-gray eyes, and dirty blonde hair styled messy and somewhat long in the front.

Pale skinned and not all that buff, Vasily looks more tired than strong, realistically. It's not far from the truth; his upper hand when it comes to fighting mainly comes from the quick ability to dodge and get away, and it's safe to say he is bored most of the time.

He can usually be found wearing blue jeans, a purple shirt, and a striped black and gray button-up around campus. This attire gets him in trouble more often than not, though the Prefects' effort does nothing to change it.


Vasily is the type of kid who is willing to go with pretty much anything and everything. He just generally doesn't care about what's going on around him, being high school drama, grades, or family.

That said, it doesn't mean he takes abuse from anyone. The second he is being threatened or irritated, he defends himself or his friends to the best of his abilities.

When it comes to his own feelings, the same applies. He feels things like everyone else does, it just takes a bit of an extra push to actually get Vasily to feel things other than amusement or anger. In a way, he is a lot like a child in this sense. He's unable to really express deep emotions like love or hate, though he may feel them and is simply unaware of them.

He has no idea how he is doing in school, granted that he barely pays any attention to it. He thinks he's alright, being as he doesn't often struggle too much on tests and such, but surely the lack of homework completion and general absence from class is doing something to his grades, probably. In reality, all Vasily really wants to do his spend his time skateboarding. He's sure he can live off of it like Tony Hawk, maybe.

Home Life

Vasily's home life could be considered more or less typical. His family, Russian natives, live in the middle-class area of Old Bullworth Vale. His father makes a decent income, his mother keeps the house and raises Vasily to the best of her abilities. They eat dinner together as a family when Vasily is home, they take trips over the summer. In that sense, his home life is pretty stable.

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