When conversing with other Bullies

  • Yeah. So I was thinking.
  • Anyway. I just got to thinking about this.
  • Hey I heard the some cook working was talking about goes to something at the mall.
  • I heard that Lola chick wants a ride on my hog! You hear anything about that?
  • I just got wind of Johnny was going to try to start a food fight tomorrow.
  • I overheard Edna saying she spits into the food. That's nasty, dude.
  • You hear Dr. Crabblesnitch used to be in gymnastics? What a dork.
  • That new kid looks like trouble. I heard he's really badass.
  • I've just found out the preps are gonna prep the new guy. Haha, sucker.
  • That Lola chick said she's going to be under the bleachers for the big game. And she said that everyone's invited.
  • Gary's been tell me also these crazy things about Hopkins.
  • I heard Hopkins been laughing at all this in his room.
  • Yeah, right.
  • I believe it.
  • Sounds made up to me.
  • You can not believe that. It's way too convincing a story.
  • Grades are retarded like, how's one stupid letter make me better or worse than someone?
  • I'm freaking tired of tests. I suck at them and no one likes me.
  • I hate parents, I hate divorces. Now I have double the family stuff to do and no one cares about it.
  • Yeah but at least you still got me around.
  • I hear you. That sucks for sure man.
  • Yeah. I never thought of it that way.
  • Forget it. Let's just beat up some wimps and will feel better.
  • There's so many jocks and dorks in this world. It's like they're just asking to get beat up.
  • I don't get how greasers get chicks. I mean, why'd they got one and I don't. Girls are retarded.
  • I hate when people look at me just because I'm tough and cool, I mean they don't have to be jealous.
  • This school is crap! No one even cares when I get into spending this any more.
  • See you around, nerd.
  • I'll talk to you later, skater.
  • Have a good one, dude.
  • I may not to be played by this but, pretty much I am the toughest.
  • I think they had the anyone in Bullworth, I'm pretty much in the tax ten for commercial sure.
  • My dad says he'll buy me some condoms so I can do it with chicks y'know.
  • That's pretty cool!
  • Hey, you sound like you're gonna figured it out.
  • That's not enough to complain about.
  • Have you even give someone upside down atomic wedgie and then swirly them?
  • Did you ever want to go from Bullworth?
  • Yeah. It hasn't.
  • Of course I have, every kid thinks about that.
  • That's what in my mind before I go to bed.
  • No way. NOOOOOOO WAY!
  • You hear about the nerds? They had some petition to have me expelled, yeah good LUCK!
  • I'm sick of being stupid! I need like, someone to cheat off!
  • Ever wondered what it'd be like to be a bird or a bug or somethin'?
  • I heard we ain't getting any holidays this year.
  • Haven't you been making out with that nerd?
  • I may not get the best grades, but like, I can intimidate anyone for homework and stuff.
  • I might not be the brightest, but pretty much I am the toughest!

When walking around talking to himself

  • I'm gonna beat every one of them nerds. They deserve it for being smart.
  • Sure I'll ask her out one day, then we'll wind up being married and divorced, just like ma and pa.
  • Gotta spend the freaking week with dad again, great, I love timing his chugging contests.
  • How can I get in her pants? Cologne, dad always wears cologne.
  • Mom's such a jerk. Whose parents makes them do homework? Lame.
  • This is so unfair. I can't believe I gotta pick up trash today. Gosh.

When Complaining

  • You think that's right. Cause I sure it's crap, dolt. How could anyone ever get away with that crap?
  • It's stupid. And makes me so stupidly angry. I gotta get a grip.


  • You... are the BIGGEST LOSER in the world!
  • Hahahaha! Llooooo-serrrrr!
  • Don't talk!
  • You're a jerk!
  • Shut it, wimp!
  • Whatever Johnny McNOFRIENDS! Bite me!
  • Yeah, well you made my hit list, how do you like that?!
  • I'm gonna knock your ass into last week. How about that?
  • Do you even realize how much you SUCK?!
  • Look at the cool guy! Freaking DWEEB!
  • I'm gonna pound your ass in on the ground, maggot!

Angry when Insulted


When Shoving

  • Let's see you prove how tough you are.
  • You wanna be a big man, huh? Let's see it.

Physical Bullying

  • Poor little guy, HAHAHAHA, NOT!
  • You are such a freaking pig!
  • You've been asking for it! Now you've got it! Hahaa!

When attacking

  • Guess what time it is? Yep! Time for a beatdown!
  • You ready meet your maker? HAHA!
  • Violence solve all life's problems, chump!

While fighting

  • I'll break every bone in your scrawny little body, chump!
  • When I'm done with you, your jaw is gonna be wired shut! And you'll be eating through a straw!
  • I'm gonna make you the laughing stock of the school!

Out of breath:

  • I... can't... *exasperated gasp*


  • That little puke is gonna get it ass handed back. And he's gonna like it! I swear it! He'll get it bad!

When joining a fight

  • Hang on, man! I'll get that sucker off your back!
  • No one messes with Wade, or his friends!

Hit by a dead rat

  • Whoever threw that rat is gonna get it shoved down their throat!

Hit with a stink bomb

  • HAHAHA! Stink bombs rock.
  • EWWWW man, I'm going to spray chunks. Nasty. HAHAHA!


  • That sucked, man! Seriously, that was the worst!
  • I ain't gonna forget! I'll never forget! I'll get you back in front of the whole school!

When Chasing someone

  • You better run. If I'll catch you, you're over... done, finished!
  • You wanna play games? Let's play games, asswipe. Come on!

Taken down and spit on:

  • I'm gonna make you eat my fist for that!

Knocked out

  • My dad's... gonna give me... the strap for losing.
  • Ugh, I can't get suspended again.
  • Oh God, my ribs.
  • Ugh, how did I lose? I'm weak.
  • Ugh, bullcrap. That was cheap. cheap.
  • I'll get you, I'll make you pay.

Hit by friendly fire

  • Come on, Jim. We're buds. Pals.
  • What's your stinkin' problem?
  • You can't be doin' that crap!

Hit with a bike

  • Where'd you learn to drive, MORON!?
  • Hey, learn how to drive you piece of crap!
  • Just my freaking luck, it's bullcrap!

When Crying

  • I just don't understand.
  • (Crying) I'm so stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Something gets vandalized

  • Don't mess with that! Don't lay another finger on it!
  • Get your freaking hands off of that!

During Missions and others

  • I'm gonna see if I can find him.
  • What are you doing?
  • All get him!
  • It's like I was hit by something.
  • Someone's messing with us sir.
  • What's his problem?
  • You know I don't like smart kids.
  • You shoulda paid us, Bucky.
  • I'm gonna make you and your boyfriend pay for this!

Suggesting to provide protection

  • Yeah. I'll break your face the tool for you!
  • Let's get down to business then.

About to leave (when on good terms)

  • I'm outta here, Jim. This sucks.
  • I ain't gonna stick around much longer. This is lame.

Asking for help (when on good terms)

  • Hey, gimme a freaking hand out here.
  • Get over here. I need backup.

Getting knocked off bike

  • So I crashed. What's the big deal?
  • Dammit! Who had to touch my bike huh?

Comments on successful bike trick

  • That wasn't bad, but keep trying. I'm sure you'll mess up soon enough.
  • Pretty decent trick. I'm surprised you pulled it off.

Comments on a failed attempt at trick

  • Ha ha! At least you got balls, Hopkins.
  • Aw man, ha ha. I could watch you do that all day. *chuckles*

Stealing a bike

  • Thanks for the bike, chump!
  • Haha! Have fun walking!

Has bike stolen from

  • What's the deal?! You got a death wish?!
  • Oh crap, I'm gonna bash your freaking  face into the ground!

Winning a fight

  • Friggin' YEAH! Hahahaha!
  • Wooo! WOOO! This rules!

Bumped into (on good terms)

  • Are you stupid? I'm walking here.
  • Watch your step, buddy.
  • What's the hurry, man?

Bumped into (on bad terms)

  • Don't ever touch me again!
  • Get in my way again I’ll make your life HELL!
  • Are you a freaking idiot?!
  • Yeah, you're real tough. Get a life!
  • Learn how to walk, asshole!
  • Bump me again, I'll rearrange your face.

Bumped into (by other clique members)

  • (Townies) Don't touch me, you dirt bag!
  • (Nerds) Hey genius! I'm walking here!

Saying Goodbye

  • Yeah. Well I got nerds to beat up. Later.
  • I better get going. I'm late for...I don't know. Bye.
  • Yeah. I don't got an excuse but I'm so out of here. Later.

Commenting on Carnival Rides

  • That ride was so dumb. Almost hit 'em.
  • We got a try do it again. My stomach felt like it was gonna shoot up my nose.

Calling for Help

  • Let's go! We got a rumble!
  • Come on! Looks like I've found some action!

When Hidden from

  • Yeah. Keep going Jimbo. I know where you live. I'll pound you later.
  • You were lucky little bugger Hopkins. L-Lucky!

When Confused

  • What is... huh?


  • Yeah. Right on, man.
  • That was so cool, dude.

Losing Dodgeball

  • I couldn't warn it if I try too!
  • This is crap! Load of steaming bullcrap!
  • I can't believe this! This is stupid! I HATE THIS!
  • That was stupid! It was like, so uneven anyways!
  • Yeah, nice teams, leaving me with the pigs! Freaking sucks!
  • I freaking hate you all! My team your team, YOU ALL SUCK LARGE!


  • That is freaking disgusting, man! Totally nasty!

Losing a fight

  • Oh God, my ribs.
  • My dad's... gonna give me... the strap for losing.
  • Ugh, I can't get suspended again.
  • Ugh, how did I lose? I'm Wade.
  • Ugh, bullcrap. that was cheap. cheap.
  • I'll get you, I'll make you pay.

Starting a fight with other clique

  • (Dropout) You freaking locals are all bunch of wimps!
  • (Greaser) You're one step away from being greased!
  • (Jock) Ha ha! Slow and dumb ain't gonna help you here, meat brain!
  • (Nerd) Come on, calcutron! Let's see if you can equate my fist!
  • (Prep) Daddy's not gonna be happy when he sees the black eye I'm about to give ya!

Kicked in the groin

  • Ooooooh... freaking balls... oh, ahah...

Spat on

  • I'm gonna make you eat my fist for that, asshole!

Watching a fight

  • Why'd you going easy on him?

Hit by some sneak attacks or projectile attack


Receiving a gift

  • Thanks dude!
  • That’s cool of you man. Thanks!

Demanding Money

  • If you don't hand over your money right now, I'll rip your freaking ears off!
  • I'll rip your tiny little sack off if you don't hand over your wallet right now!
  • Alright Jimbo, give me your cash--before I get mad!


  • Sure, I’ll back you up. If you make it worth my while.
  • You got something for me?

After getting money from his victim

  • Thanks, man. It's all it takes.
  • See, now you get me.
  • That's the way I want to see our relationship to work.

Giving a gift

  • Here ya go, man.


  • Hey, dude.
  • What's up?
  • Yo, yo, yo.

Greeting Authority

  • Hi, miss.
  • Hello, sir.

Complimenting Clothes

  • Nice ghetto, dude!
  • Stylish baby! You are looking fine today.
  • Nice bucket! Dignity, man!
  • Where'd you get that shirt? Slick, dude.
  • Is that a new tat? Sweet!


  • Lookin’ pretty fly!
  • Chicks will dig this look! Man, I’m hot!

Requesting an errand

  • Here's what I need you to work for me.
  • So, this is the plan I came up with.
  • I need your help, Jim, seriously.
  • Yo, Jimbo. I got a job only you can get done.

Being indignant

  • You're dead!
  • No way, dude!
  • Bad idea, jerk!

Greetings while fearing

  • Yeah, hey man.


  • You are the biggest loser in the world!
  • Hey, how's it feel to know that you suck!?
  • Hey ugly! Hahahaha! Made your look!


  • (at Enemies) Hahahaha! Llooooo-serrrrr!
  • (at Friends) Hahahaha! Hahah! Yeahaha! Awesome!


  • (just belching)