"What exactly will beating me up prove Jared? Do you think by doing this everyone will give you the respect you want? *laughs* You just don't get it, do you? Kicking my ass won't prove anything to anyone. Everyone at Bullworth only cares about themselves." - Wes to Jared during their final battle.


Wes Matthews grew up in Queens, New York with his widowing father. Wes was kicked out of his previous schools for acts of violence and Bullworth is his last chance before being sent to Juvenile Hall for the next year of his life.


Wes's height is 6'0 and he weighs 150 pounds. He has shagged black hair, tan skin, and green eyes. When he first arrives at Bullworth he wear a gray zip up jacket, black t-shirt, gray jeans, black and white sneakers, and a black baseball cap. For Halloween he goes as Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. His school uniform is a teal vest worn of a white button up shirt, brown slacks, and black and white sneakers, In the winter he wears a tan snow jacket, blue jeans, and gray and black combat boots.


Wes has antisocial personality disorder. He used to actually be a very nice child until the death of his mother. After that, Wes became a very violent child. Starting fights with everyone in his school and destroying school property would calm him down. In his own words, "If no one is happy, then I'm happy."


Jared Tyler (Rival): Wes arrives at Bullworth Academy a week after Jared does. He gains Jared's friendship after being admitted into the Skater Clique. Jared, however, still keeps and eye on him, as he gives off a vibe of being more "off" than the other students at Bullworth. Jared's suspicions are proven true after he spreads a rumor about Jared being in a relationship with Christy Martin, who is involved romantically with Wyatt Connors, a recruit for the Bullies. Wes apologizes for the fight that went on, and is now on a very thin line with the Skater Clique.

Wes Matthews (Casual Outfit)

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