"I just don't understand why people don't see how beautiful the world is."
— West James

Westland "West" Milo James is an Original Character by SodaCat.

West James
Westland Milo sc
West James
Birthday November 23rd, 1988
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red - (Dyed)
Dark Brown - (Natural)
Height 5'11"
Weight 157lbs
Clique Punks
Gender Male
Creator SodaCat
West signature sc
West Milo James

Character Summary

West has dark crimson dyed hair styled messy and straight, and green eyes.

Rather than wear his uniform, West typically wears a red flannel shirt over a dark red shirt, paired with black cargo shorts or jeans.

He has a black diamond tattoo on the left part of his neck and has two rings pierced into either side of his lip. His arms are covered in different tattoos, ranging from song lyrics to vines and trees.


West is a generally pleasant, albeit introverted, type of kid. He isn't very into bullying or fighting or socializing, as he finds his interests mainly in the art world. Though he typically avoids fighting, when forced into it (mainly if his clique is in trouble), West resorts to a mix of street fighting and martial arts.

As stated, West finds his main calling in life to be art. He thoroughly enjoys all forms of art; ranging from singing to painting and everything in between. He is against the school's grading system, however, as he believes that it discourages students from trying.

Many of the Bullworth students believe West to be gay. He often is often beaten up by other students for this, and because of this usually has dark bruises around his eyes or on his face. He refuses to fight them back, curiously. Smalltalk around the school suggests he is "near his breaking point", though whether or not this is true is unclear.

His favorite bands include Nirvana, Simple Plan, and blink-182.

He considers Jackelin Pearce to be one of his close friends.

Home Life


West's younger brother, Callum.

West tends to shut up about his home life, so very little is known. He's let it slip that he has a younger brother.

More information is disclosed in The Thief.


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