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Whitney Fordman Casual Outfit

"You played the game well. You were a very good sport. While it lasted, of course."

-Whitney to Michael. 

Whitney Fordman is one of the main Antagonists of The Michael Diaz Series. He is smart and ruthless as well as a close friend of Gary Smith. 


Devilish and sneaky. Whitney is charming and charismatic as well as being a absolutely good looking. Known for being probably as mean and ruthless as Gary himself. Due to his charisma he can convince people to be on his side such as when he convinced Michael. He is probably the second in command of the G.S. Crew. Despite this he is very honorable and could not harm a woman.

He is very intelligent and spends time thinking about how he can turn friends against each other. As well he convinced the Jocks to work for him. He is a well gifted fighter even though he isn't used to getting his hands dirty because he has others to do that for him. He is also quite arrogant and underestimates the 'the little guy'. Although he respects his enemies. 


Not much is known about Whitney. He is thought to have attended Bullworth not to long ago, he is only 19 years-old. Maybe he chose Gary's side of the conflict because he hated the way Hopkins ran the school, that is one of the reasons why he tried to recruit Michael. He thought Michael could take out Hopkins but he underestimated Michael and now the two are sworn enemies. He was disguised as a Prefect the Jocks snuck him in to aid in Jimmy Hopkins destruction.


Whitney is 6'2, 189 lbs. He has an extremely athletic build. He has medium length, dirty blond hair. He has green eyes. He's got long legs and is extremely fast. He is also very strong. He wore the normal Prefect outfit when he was in his disguise but last time Michael saw him he was in blue jeans, and a red flannel. 


Whitney Fordman Prefect Uniform


Michael Diaz: They have an extreme hatred for each other. At first they had a developing friendship but that was extremely short lived. Ever since Whitney sabotaged Michael's date Michael has literally been out for his blood. At the end of Michael's first year he was beaten and arrested.

The Jocks: It is currently unknown how he convinced the Jocks to work with him but they are currently allies.

C-Money: It is unknown what their current standing is with each other. It'd be presumed enemies but they've never  really gotten to know each other.

Jimmy Hopkins: 

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