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"All I do is finesse"
— Winston
Winston Clark
Winston Clark
Birthday September 30th, 1990
Aliases - Gentle Giant
Eye Color Phoenix Brown
Hair Color Brilliant Black
Height 6'4
Grade Sophomore
Clique None
Relationship Status In a relationship
Gender Male
Family Xavier Clark - Brother
Nationality African American
Affiliations Bullworth Bullhorns
Main Hangouts Football field
Creator Westside JDM

Winston Clark is a Third-Generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. He is based off a good friend of JDM in real life.


He is about 6'4, has brilliant black hair, and Phoenix brown eyes, He wears the typical non-clique uniform, with black basket ball shoes, He also wears black slacks. He also has black glasses.

In the winter, he puts on a zipped up letterman jacket, and jeans. He also puts on black gloves and a black beanie.


He's cool with everybody, unless they talk smack about him behind his back, He takes pride in football, He plays defense, and he's good at what he does, but he doesn't let it get to his head.

He's a sports addict. He plays on the team, his jersey number is 15. When he's with his team mates, he adapts to a calm and collected personality.

Unlike most of the jocks, he shows a mutual respect for the nerds, because he wears glasses, and is usually antagonized by the jocks for wearing glasses. Because of his respect for the nerds, they in return let him enter the library, which he rarely does.

Despite never studying, Winston fairs very well on tests. His best subject is History, but his worst is Chemistry and and Mathematics.

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

He's a football player. He plays offense, and he hits hard when he tackles. He's also good at throwing the ball, and he's surprisingly a quick runner, He's played football ever since he was six years old.

He has a keen interest in 90's rap and hip hop. In his opinion, the 90's was when rap was at its best. He aspires to write a rap about life some day, when he has the time, because he's busy with his girlfriend and football.

He likes cars. He wants to own a Chrysler 300C and a Mercedes CLK-500 AMG some day. His dad drives a Chevy Monte Carlo SS, and his mother drives a Ford Crown Victoria. He currently drives a Lincoln Continental, which is a total beater, but he loves his car.

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