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"Look man, I don't got a lot of nice crap in my life like you do. That girl's the only thing. So if you say I'm out because of her, then I'll leave in a heartbeat."
— Yadriel

Yadriel Cruz is an original character created by SodaCat.

Yadriel Cruz
Yadriel SC
Birthday January 14th, 1988
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Clique Skaters
Status Second in Command
Gender Male
Affiliations Braxton Cooper - Best Friend
Kissable No
Creator SodaCat
Yadriel signature sc
Yadriel Rodrigo Cruz

Character Description

Besides being a polar opposite to his best friend's personality, Yadriel is also a polar opposite when it comes to body type. He is tall and thin, and has brown eyes and brown hair. His skin is darkly tanned.

Rather than the uniform, Yadriel's typical outfit consists of black cargo shorts, destroyed canvas sneakers, and a tight purple sweatshirt.


A self proclaimed rap god and ladies' man, most would describe Yadriel as being more goofy than he would like to admit. Raised in the more run-down section of Broker, Yadriel milks it as much as he can, claiming he's lived a harder life than in reality. All of this combined adds to his "gangster" personality.

Despite this, Yadriel is a fairly good guy. He doesn't get in fights often, though when he does he relies mainly on a mixture of street fighting and agility. That said, the only reason he ever has to get into fights is self-defense or the defense of his clique.

His purest form, however, comes almost exclusively when he is around his girlfriend Addison. He cares deeply for her, even going as far to be willing to quit his clique if given the choice of leaving her or leaving the clique. He tends to try and keep her away from the harder parts of his life, the real ones, not the made up gangster ones. On multiple occasions he's stated his main purpose in life is to protect her and make her laugh.

Home Life

Born and raised in Broker, Yadriel led a more or less typical life when you're a poor son of immigrants with an absent father. He was raised by his mother in a house with only one older brother who left to join the Marines as soon as he was of age in order to help support the family.

His mother, Aleida, worked cleaning houses and offices for the better part of his life. When she wasn't working herself to the bone, she was at home doing her best to clean her own house and keep food on the table for Yadriel and his brother, Miguel.

Though he exaggerates, he did live quite a bit of his life on the streets, surrounded by the ex-con siblings of his friends.


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