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The Yum Yum Market is a branch of mini-marts in Bullworth in Bully.

Yum Yum Market

The Yum Yum Market in Bullworth Town.

Store Summary

Yum Yum Market stores can be found in Old Bullworth Vale, Bullworth Town, and New Coventry. They are found on the map by orange shopping carts.

Yum Yum Market interior

The interior of the Yum Yum Market.

The store initially sells flowers, chocolates, eggs, and sodas. After they are unlocked, cans of spuds and spray paint can be purchased as well. Inside the store, oranges, assorted produce, and other household objects can be seen.

Both the Bullworth Town and Old Bullworth Vale stores are managed by Mr. Oh, and the one in New Coventry is managed by Stan. The owner of the chain lives in Old Bullworth Vale, and knows Tad Spencer's family.

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