"We will fight for the liberation of the unpopular students. We will not stop until we get what we want"
— Yumi's speech she gives about her clique 
Yumi Hajimoto
Yumi Hajimoto
Birthday May 27th, 1990
Aliases - Yummy
- Fulcrum
Eye Color Sepia Brown
Hair Color Pearl black
Height 5'0
Grade Sophomore
Clique Guerrilla
Status Recruiter
Relationship Status On the lowkey
Gender Female
Hometown Bullworth, New Hampshire
Nationality Japanese
Rival Yoshiko Ozutsu
Affiliations Mario McCurio - Boyfriend
Main Hangouts Basement
Creator Westside JDM

Yumi Hajimoto is a third generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


She is 5'0, but she's an agile fighter. She's tan. She has pearl black hair with sepia brown eyes.

Uniform wise, she wears a gray tank top, with brown cargo pants and black shoes. In the winter, she puts on a black jacket, with black gloves.

All the boys regard her as a helpless looking little girl, but she is flexible and she's agile in a fight with the smaller boys, and some of the medium sized boys.

She has the Japanese look.


She's highly altruistic in her goals to give liberty to the unpopular students. When there's a bully in sight, picking on a nerd, she's likely to stand up for them.

She is said to be extremely tough for being such a little girl.

Yumi is also an intelligent girl, she acells in most subjects at school, except for government.

In class, she's quiet. She gets her work done. In government class, she focuses on pranking Mr. Silacci with her friends.

She is dead set on rivalry with Yoshiko Ozutsu. They've always been rivals, but Yumi only will fight her rival if she is provoked into it.

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