"Why is everyone around here so fake? So much boring B.S.!"
— Zoe Taylor

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Zoe Taylor is the female member of the Townies clique in Bully.

Zoe Taylor
Zoe Taylor
Clique Townies
Gender Female
Rival Tad Spencer
Mr. Burton
Lucky De Luca
Kissable Yes
Missions Revenge on Mr. Burton
Smash It Up
Busting In, Part II
Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor Molly Fox

Character Summary


Zoe as she is seen in Scholarship Edition.

Zoe has red hair in a bob cut and brown eyes. She wears a cropped white T-shirt with a skull, a denim skirt with a flame pattern along the bottom hem, goth boots, and black lace gloves. In the winter, she wears a black bomber jacket. On campus, however, Zoe wears a white school shirt along with an orange tartan skirt, and her black lace gloves. When in her townie outfit, a tattoo of cherries above her right hip is visible. Her nails are painted black.


Zoe's room trophy, awarded upon completion of Smash it Up.

Zoe apparently argues often with her mother. She attended Bullworth Academy before the game begins, but was expelled due to her complaints about Mr. Burton sexually harrassing her. She is welcomed back to the academy after Jimmy explains to Dr. Crabblesnitch the injustice in Zoe's situation. She is intelligent, and enjoys reading. She feels everyone at Bullworth is "fake", and prefers junkies and older men in regards to dating. While attending the academy, she behaves as a non-clique student.

Unused dialogue found in both hers and Mandy Wiles' speech files suggests that the two were friends at some point in their lives.


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